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Dedicated SSD Servers

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Dedicated Max

The standard dedicated cloud server for your online project.

₦150,000.00 /mo ex VAT

Dedicated Pro

The ideal dedicated cloud server for your online project.

/mo ex VAT

Dedicated Premium

The ideal dedicated cloud server for your online project.

/mo ex VAT

Dedicated Business

The standard dedicated cloud server for your online project.

₦345,000.00 /mo ex VAT

Dedicated Elite

The ideal dedicated cloud server for your online project.

/mo ex VAT

Dedicated Server Information

  1. Please kindly check your desired specifications for each of the dedicated plans. And if you require a custom configuration please email or call our support line.
  2. Please note that the price of each plan might vary based on the parameters below;
    A. Region – Data Center & Location
    B. Memory – Selection of Memories sizes.
    C. Storages – Selection of Storage type and sizes
    D. Images/ Operating System (OS)
    E. RAID & Other Networking Configuration.
  3. Please do ensure you email/call the support lines for inquiries and proper handling of your orders.
  4. Orders are not to be placed directly on the websites. 

Why choose Desterhost?

Efficiently redefine high-quality potentialities rather than innovative ideas. accurate infomediaries with high-payoff technology.

When you choose Desterhost Technology Managed Hosting solutions, you get more than a team of experts from the best managed hosting provider to run your infrastructure.You also experience the enhanced performance, control and security that makes single-tenant dedicated hosting environments ideal for mission-critical and I/O-intensive applications — all backed by 24x7x365 support.

Get the very best out of your dedicated server. We recognise that having the best hardware is only part of the equation when it comes to performance: optimising the server software to match application is also critical. Just let us know the application or server role and we’ll do the rest 

We have put techniques that are implemented within an organization’s IT infrastructure to amplify the functionality of a network, including the monitoring of bandwidth capacity, application protocols, overall network traffic, application coding, network latency, potential attacks of software vulnerabilities and more.

Feel extra secure thanks to a private peering network, which provides you with stable connectivity for any website or application you may be running. Under Complete Server Management, our technicians will routinely monitor to check for any server issues.

Dedicated Servers Features

24x7 Pro Support

. Our dedicated team of technical experts is ready to answer. Depending on your Server Management type, they’ll even perform software checks and provide support in case of emergency downtime.

Server Managed Difference

Manage your Dedicated Server exactly how you like. With three management options to choose from (User-Responsible, Basic or Complete), you decide how much control you want.

Choice of Operating System (OS)

Choose an operating system as per your website’s requirements and business operations. If your business operations use web applications that demand Linux, we provide you with a Linux Operating System for your website and vice versa.

High and Seamless Server Scalability

Enjoy seamless and instant server scalability in Dedicated Web Hosting by adding or removing additional resources as your website’s traffic grows or fluctuates. We provide an easy scalability solution to handle your website’s traffic spikes without affecting uptime and performance.

Optimized Network

Forget costly downtime or slow loading speeds. Your Dedicated Server operates on a separate Cisco/Juniper-powered network that’s connected to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent, and Integra, ready to handle any incoming traffic.

Instant Dedicated Server Setup

We ensure that you can start using your Dedicated Server purchased from our Dedicated Hosting plans to ensure your website is up and running right after you make the purchase. We use OpenStack for instant dedicated server provisioning.

Choice of Control Panels for Easy Management

We offer feature-rich control panels with the best Dedicated Web Hosting with options such as Plesk, WHM, and cPanel for easier management and smooth running of your web applications and server.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We provide a 99.99% uptime without self-designed and self-build powerful dedicated servers to ensure your website’s performance, reliability, scalability, accessibility, and security. We have the latest and highly compatible hardware with the best HVAC architecture.

Need Some Help?

Contact one of our friendly technical advisors now. Our team is available 24×7 via live chat and is ready to answer any questions.

Dedicated Server FAQs

Yes, root access is granted with every package and you have full administrative control of your Dedicated Server to install any software you wish to.

Two levels of support are given for all Dedicated Server hosting plans: Core-managed and cPanel support. Every package comes along with standard core-managed support. If you have chosen to purchase cPanel through us, we offer additional support options.

Desterhost's proprietary provisioning systems ensure that your Dedicated Hosting Server is ready instantly and your server will be available for use immediately with no setup fees. No need to wait for 24 hours.

Access your Dedicated Hosting Server with (1) SSH - Use any SSH client with the root credentials that we provide you (2) cPanel - You can access and manage your server through the cPanel/WHM control panel (3) Dedicated Server control panel - Perform frequent operations like stopping and starting your server through our web-based control panel bundled with every Dedicated Server hosting order.

We offer WHMCS as a billing panel for your Dedicated Hosting. You can purchase the license from us for a significantly lower cost, and then install it on your Dedicated Server.

Yes, you can use the email function from within cPanel if you have installed it. This will give you access to Webmail through interfaces such as Roundcube. If you wish to use a comprehensive email suite with chat and collaboration tools, you can opt for G Suite.

Enterprise SSD vs HDD

Choose an SSD-based dedicated server and eradicate IO bottlenecks. Your website will load faster, backups will be performed quicker and your server will respond more rapidly. With no moving parts, SSDs are also more reliable, meaning you are far less likely to suffer downtime due to drive failure.