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Strava, the activity tracking and social community platform used by more than 100 million people globally, has announced a new in-app integration with Spotify. The integration allows users to easily access music, podcasts and audiobooks from the Strava app while tracking activities.

Starting today, users can play, pause, resume, skip and browse Spotify content from the record screen on Strava. With this new integration, users will no longer have to switch between the two apps when adjusting the content that they’re listening to.

“We’re excited to partner with a global leader like Spotify to seamlessly integrate music and movement on the platform,” said Mateo Ortega, Strava’s Vice President of Connected Partnerships, in an emailed statement. “This new feature further solidifies Strava’s position at the center of connected fitness and continues to demonstrate the power of the global community of active people on Strava.”

In a statement, Spotify VP of Business Development said one of the streaming service’s biggest goals is to be everywhere where listeners are, and that this integration with Strava is one of the ways it’s allowing listeners to seamless content to the music and audio on its platform.

Spotify isn’t the only popular app that Strava has recently launched an integration with. A few months ago, the company partnered with Snap to launch a new Lens that lets users share their fitness journey on Snapchat. The Strava Activity Lens works by connecting directly to your Strava profile, giving you access to stats and activity maps from your recent workouts.

Founded in 2009, Strava has made a name for itself as one of the leading activity tracking services. It’s also a social network for fitness enthusiasts, as you can share your races and workouts with friends and followers on your Strava feed. You can also post photos, build communities and leave kudos and comments on others’ activities.

Today’s announcement comes as Strava recently acquired Fatmap, a European company that’s building a high-resolution 3D global map platform for the great outdoors. The ultimate long-term goal for Strava is to integrate Fatmap’s core platform into Strava itself.

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