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About Google Cloud Dataflow Subnet

The subnet in Google Cloud Dataflow can be described as a part of a virtual network that offers a range of IP addresses for resources within that subnet.

Furthermore, it helps us isolate and control the network traffic between resources in different subnets or VPCs.

In fact, when we create a Dataflow job in Google Cloud, we can opt for a subnet for the job to run within. This subnet decides the network environment in which our Dataflow workers and other associated resources will be provisioned.

Let’s take a look at some of the key points about Google Cloud Dataflow subnets:

  • Google Cloud uses Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks to offer networking functionality for resources. Additionally, a VPC can be divided into subnets, each having its own IP address range and other configurable settings.
  • By running Dataflow jobs in a subnet, we can control the network traffic between our Dataflow workers and other resources. This allows us to enforce network security policies and prevent unauthorized access to our Dataflow jobs.
  • When we opt for a subnet for Dataflow, we offer a range of private IP addresses from the subnet’s IP range. These IP addresses are used to assign internal IP addresses. Furthermore, these private IP addresses are not accessible from the public internet.
  • If we have multiple subnets or VPCs in our Google Cloud environment, we can establish VPC peering or VPN connections to enable communication between them. This allows Dataflow workers in one subnet to access resources in another subnet or VPC.
  • When we create a Dataflow job, we can specify the subnet and other network-related settings via the Google Cloud Console, command-line tools, or APIs. Additionally, we can also customize additional network configuration options.
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