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WHM Favorites

We’re pleased to share another great new change we’ve made to WHM based on your feedback: WHM Favorites! With v106, WHM Favorites is located in the Home interface (replacing the Top Tools section). This allows a WHM user to select their favorite features within WHM and group them together for easy and convenient access. The following capabilities are now possible for any WHM user:

  • Customize your Favorites at the top of WHM to have your most accessed applications at your finger tips.
  • Reorder your favorite applications using drag and drop capabilities.
  • Toggle your Favorites to show a descriptive view or a compact view. 
  • Find your Favorites in the WHM left navigation; it’s always available when you need it.

When Jupiter first launched, administrators were accustomed to the old interface and therefore accordion menus were a little bothersome to get used to and manage. We collected feedback from users and acted fast to provide a solution. Favorites will come by default with the most commonly used icons but administrators can add/ delete (star/unstar) their preferred features and now see them at the top section at all times for easy access.

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